How to Make Your Documentation Available on Your Web Site

HelpScribble can generate a series of HTML files from your help project. You can upload those to your web site so people can read your documentation online with their web browser. This can be very useful if your documentation is updated more often than your software. Or maybe you are documenting an online service or a distributed application. Then it makes sense to put your documentation on a web site.

In HelpScribble, select Project|Export to Web Help from the menu. You will be presented with several options.

The most basic option is have HelpScribble generate one HTML file from each topic. No navigational aids will be added. (The links between your help topics will of course remain.) This format is useful if you will be processing the HTML files yourself to integrate them with your web site.

If you simply want to upload the HTML files to your web site, the other two options are more useful. You can choose to use simple HTML files, one for each topic, with a navigational header on top. This header provides links to a table of contents and an index. If you created browse sequences in HelpScribble, two links, Next and Previous, will be added to the header as well.

You can also choose to use frames. The topics will be shown in the right hand frame. The left hand frame will show either the table of contents or the index, each including a link to the other.

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