HelpScribble Release Notes

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Don't let the long lists of issues on this page make you think our products have a lot of problems.  Quite to the contrary.  All the bugs listed below are bugs that we have fixed.  Many of these are corner cases reported by only one or perhaps a handful of our customers.  Other software companies often don't spend any effort addressing such issues, much less list them publicly.  We take pride in producing high quality software, and often release free updates to ensure you won't have any problems with our software.

If you ever hit a snag with HelpScribble, check here whether you have the latest version.  If you do, simply report the issue via email and we'll help you out as soon as we can.

HelpScribble 8.1.2 – 10 May 2018

HelpScribble’s installer has been improved to better deal with Controlled Folder Access.  This is the ransomware protection feature added to Windows Defender in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.  It is unchanged in the April 2018 Update.  HelpScribble’s installation will now go a bit more smoothly when Controlled Folder Access is enabled.  HelpScribble’s installer now knows that when Windows Defender is not operational (because you’re using another anti-malware solution), Controlled Folder Access can’t be active and thus needn’t be dealt with.  This avoids conflict between HelpScribble’s installer and certain heavy-handed anti-malware solutions such as BitDefender.

HelpScribble 8.1.1 – 7 February 2018

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update adds a new feature to Windows Defender called Controlled Folder Access.  It is disabled by default.  When enabled, it prevents applications from creating files and modifying files in folders commonly used to save personal data such as the Desktop and Documents folders.  The goal is to block ransomware.  In practice, it seems to block almost any application unless you specifically add it to the list applications allowed through Controlled Folder Access.  Even applications like installers that run with Administrator privileges are blocked by it.

HelpScribble’s installer has been improved to better deal with Controlled Folder Access.  It will no longer show an error message when it can’t create the desktop shortcut.  This is the only aspect of HelpScribble’s installation that is blocked when Controlled Folder Access is enabled with the default settings.  When you install HelpScribble for all users, the installer adds HelpScribble to the list of applications allowed through Controlled Folder Access, even when Controlled Folder Access is disabled.  This way you won’t run into issues when you try to save your HelpScribble projects into your Documents folder or on your desktop.

You need to manually add the help compilers’ executables as applications allowed through Controlled Folder Access if you want to use a personal folder as the output folder for your HLP or CHM files.  You can do this in the Virus & Threat Protection settings in Windows Defender.  The Compiler page in Project Options is where you can specify the output folder for each help project.  It also gives you the location of hcrtf.exe and/or hhc.exe.  Those are the help compilers’ executables.

The installer can’t allow HelpScribble through Controlled Folder Access when installing for the current user.  Then it doesn’t have the Administrator privileges needed to modify settings in Windows Defender.  Then you’ll need to manually add HelpScr.exe in addition to the help compilers.  You don’t need to add the installer if you let it use the default installation folder.

HelpScribble 8.1.0 – 31 March 2017

HelpScribble’s HelpContext property editor now supports Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo.  HelpScribble’s installer will automatically install it if it detects that you have Delphi 10.2 Tokyo or C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo installed.  HelpScribble’s HelpContext property editor can assign HelpContext properties to controls in VCL applications and Multi-Device applications.

HelpScribble’s installer can now install HelpScribble for the current user only without needing administrator privileges.  To install HelpScribble this way, click the Advanced Installation button and then the Install for Current User button.  This choice is only available the first time you install HelpScribble.  If you want to change, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall.

If you click the Immediate Installation button then you’ll automatically get a per-user installation if you run the installer from a Windows user account that cannot obtain administrator privileges, and HelpScribble was not previously installed for all users.  If you have HelpScribble 8.0.0 or an older version installed then that counts as an installation for all users.

HelpScribble is now able to automatically check for updates and other news.  You can also make it check on request by selecting Help|News and Updates in the menu.  When HelpScribble shows news or when the check on request tells you there is no news you can click the Settings button to choose which news items you want to see.  By default, HelpScribble automatically shows news and updates for itself and any of our products that you’ve used in the past 30 days.  Though for products other than HelpScribble and PowerGREP that will only start working once they gain the ability to automatically show news.

News settings and history will be shared between all our products so you won’t see the same news more than once.  Each product will automatically show at most one news item per day and at most one news item on request.  So you don’t need to worry about ever being bombarded with news if you haven’t used our software for a while.  You won’t see the news item announcing HelpScribble 8.1.0 either because that will be considered old news already when you’ve upgraded to HelpScribble 8.1.0.

HelpScribble 8.0.0 – 14 December 2016

This month (December 2016) marks HelpScribble’s 20th anniversary.  To celebrate, we're releasing HelpScribble 8.0.0 as a 20th anniversary edition with a completely refreshed look.  HelpScribble has a redesigned high resolution logo, a fresh set of toolbar icons that scale from 100% to 400%, and a fancy about box and trial messages.  HelpScribble has never looked so good.  This is particularly true on computers with high resolution screens.  Previously, HelpScribble let Windows scale it, which results in a blurry look.  HelpScribble 8.0.0 uses its new artwork to perfectly scale itself at all resolutions so it always looks perfectly crisp.

HelpScribble’s functionality is unchanged.  All the buttons are still in the same place.  They just have a new look.  HelpScribble is still the same great tool for creating HLP and CHM files that work with Windows 3.1 through Windows 10.  HelpScribble 8.0.0 still runs on Windows 98 through Windows 10.  HelpScribble 8.0.0 will open HelpScribble project files saved with any previous version of HelpScribble, all the way back to 1.0.0.  Projects saved by HelpScribble 8.0.0 can be opened with HelpScribble 7.7.3 and later.